Saturday, July 21, 2012

(Insert Witty Title Here)

Hey there. It's been about a month since my last blog post, and even that one was pretty short. When we last left off, I was gearing up for my 3 month post-OP appointment. I'm now just over four months out from surgery, and I'm doing pretty fan-freaking-tastic. I didn't see my regular surgeon at my appointment, but I had met this doctor before (he actually was the doctor that did my endoscopy back in February) and I felt comfortable with him. He was real impressed with how much weight I've lost so far, and said that I should expect to plateau soon. He said it's actually more common to plateau 6-12 months after surgery, but since I've been doing such a kick ass job of losing weight, I should expect to do it now. And you know what? I have. And it pretty much sucks.

One thing a lot of doctors like weight loss patients to do is set goals. I've never really been one to set goals because I hate the feeling I get if I don't reach them. I've never set new years resolutions. I feel like such a failure. Anyway, I actually set a goal! I want to lose X amount of pounds by July 26th. Why the 26th you ask? Well that was the day in January that I went to my consult with the surgeon. That was the day that I was at my highest weight ever. That was the day I drank my last soda. That was the day I decided to make a change. July 26th will be six months from that day. Half a year. Wow! Time sure does fly. Like I was saying, I set a weight goal for myself, and I'm SUPER close to making that goal, but since I've stopped losing so easily, I'm so afraid of failing again. I have five days. I'd love to wake up on the morning of the 26th and weigh myself and be at that weight (actually, who am I kidding? I'd love to even be a couple pounds less!) I'm really hoping I can pull this off. I want to feel proud of myself for a change.

Since I'm 4 months out from surgery, I'm not nearly as restricted when it comes to eating. The doctor even told me by now I should have noticed I can tolerate a lot more. I'm going to be honest. There are things that I'm still real scared of eating (pasta and bread are the biggest ones) but there are foods that I know I shouldn't be eating, but I still do (like potato chips or ice cream). It's all so mental. You think to yourself "I know I shouldn't be eating this, but I can only eat such a tiny amount so it's okay" but it's NOT okay. I guess the old saying is true. Old habit really do die hard. People are always so amazed at how little it takes for me to feel full. Sometime I'll have to do a post about that.

I guess I don't really know what else to talk about right now. It seems like there's always something I think I need to post about, but when I actually sit down to type, my mind goes blank. I really do hope I can keep writing more often. It's so hard because it's summer break, and I'm so busy with my kids.

And because I like to include pictures, here's an updated photo of me. It was taken just this week, and actually, it's my current Facebook profile picture. If you know me at all, you'll know that I've had the same profile picture for over a year (and before I was was one of these people who would change it daily) so this is kind of a big deal. I've received loads of compliments on the picture, and each comment makes me smile. :)


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