Monday, May 7, 2012

The Problem With Losing Weight

This next weekend my family is going out of town for the wedding of my cousin. We all bought new dress clothes for the occasion. When I bought my dress, I bought it in the size I thought I'd be by then. The dress arrived and it looked beautiful. It was a bit snug, but it was also a month or so ago. We are now less than a week away from the wedding, and this morning I tried on the dress. And I kid you not, it's too big. I tried on the dress I had as a back up, and it's even bigger than the other dress. I'm going to explore some other options but if I don't like the way it fits/looks, I'll just go with the original dress I had. It is really pretty, and it's so comfortable. Normally I get so stressed because my dress clothes are too tight and uncomfortable, and now I'm complaining that they are too big and don't look nice on me. My how times have changed!

I am excited about the wedding though. Not only do we get to travel to a gorgeous part of Michigan (Grand Traverse Bay), we are staying at the hotel that night (my kids will love that!) and the next day, for Mother's Day, my husband took the night off work and we are going to travel down the Lake Michigan shoreline on our way home. Hopefully the food is decent as well as the music.

For the last couple weeks I haven't lost any weight. It's frustrating, but I've heard it's common. This past week I've started to lose a bit more. While I was looking through some clothes today for dress clothes, I happened to stumble upon a shirt I bought the summer of 2008. I was only able to wear it a few times, and when I did, it was snug. I got pregnant with my son shortly after I bought it and haven't worn it since. Tried it on today and it fit! And it was comfortable! I didn't look in the mirror to see how it actually looked, but I'm hopeful.

Now to convince my husband to let me buy a whole new wardrobe....

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  1. Go you! Can't wait to see you & your family all dolled up for the wedding! Plus, we need a before & now pic for facial comparison, dear! :)